Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Zion Canyon Narrows Has Reopened to Hikers & Campers After High Water Closure

An above average snowpack, combined with a prolonged snowmelt caused record breaking levels of water to flow into the Virgin River for a longer than normal period of time this summer, forcing the closure of the extremely popular Zion Canyon Narrows.

The Virgin River has now receded enough to allow the reopening of the Narrows to the hordes of tourists who flock to enjoy this scenic wonder in Zion National Park.

In the early 1990's twelve back country campsites were created in the Narrows. The recent high water was the highest recorded since the campsites were created. Two of the campsites were damaged by the high water and will remain closed for now.

Even though the Narrows are now open, the Virgin River's water levels remain high. One must be ever vigilant when hiking in the Zion Narrows regarding the flash flood danger.

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