Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Grizzly Bear Mom & Her Cubs Are Causing Traffic Jams In Grand Teton National Park

I remember back before the bears were removed from Yellowstone National Park getting stuck in a traffic jam, or two, caused by bears.

This summer Grand Teton National Park, the National Park next door neighbor of Yellowstone, is have some traffic jams caused by bears.

To be more precise, traffic jams caused by a Grizzly Bear mom and 5 bear cubs that follow mom around.

The Grizzly Bear mom is known as #399. Her daughter is #610. This year, Grizzly Bear mom #399 had 3 more cubs. While daughter, #610, had 2 cubs.

The Grizzly Bear mom and her brood of cubs travel together, usually not far from the road, which has led to them becoming a very popular roadside attraction in Grand Teton National Park.

Years ago, at a Yellowstone bear traffic jam, I was a bit horrified to see a guy put his arm around the bear causing the jam, so that a picture could be taken. This was a brown bear, not a Grizzly. That same brown bear tried to stick its head in the window of my antique 1965 Ford Mustang.

A Grizzly Bear mom is one of the more dangerous animals you will ever run into. Mom will fiercely protect her cubs.

Grizzly Bear #399 has defended her babies in the past. In 2007 she bit a guy who came upon the mama Grizzly and her cubs while they were having a dinner of fresh elk meat.

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