Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Water Level at Lake Powell Rose 26 Feet in June

I have been the Captain of a Lake Powell Houseboat "Roadtrip" twice. Both times in early October.

On the first Lake Powell Houseboat "Roadtrip" no note was made by those in charge regarding the lake level being anything but normal for that time of year.

When we arrived for the second Lake Powell Houseboat "Roadtrip" a few years later we were surprised to see Lake Powell in what appeared to be flood mode. And note was made, this time, by those in charge, that Lake Powell was holding extra water.

I did not like Lake Powell as much with the extra water.

Currently Lake Powell is at full pool. The lake has risen 42 feet since its yearly low was reached in April. High water presents challenges to fish anglers.

I do not know if Lake Powell's current lake level is similar to my first visit, or the second.

The first time on Lake Powell, with the water level way lower than the second visit, the water was crystal clear. On the second visit, with all that extra water, the water was not clear.

The first Lake Powell Houseboat "Roadtrip" saw nothing by clear skies and warm days. The second Lake Powell Houseboat "Roadtrip" started off in heavy rain and rough water. Which was fun and a bit scary. We knew we were seeing something few get to see, that being waterfalls running down the cliffs surrounding Lake Powell.

If think if I were to float on Lake Powell again, rather than rent a houseboat I would rent a speedboat to go exploring and stay each night in a cabin at Bullfrog.

But, I do not see this happening anytime soon.

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