Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma

A couple days ago a young lady from Midland, Texas asked me if I knew of any waterfalls within a couple hour roadtrip of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This Texan told me she had never seen a waterfall.

To me, having grown up in an area abundant with big waterfalls, the idea that someone had never seen one seemed impossible.

Fortunately I was able to point the waterfall seeker in the direction of Turner Falls Park in Oklahoma.

From the Dallas/Fort Worth area you drive I-35 north about 100 miles. A bit north of Ardmore you'll come to the Arbuckle Mountains. To people who have seen other mountains these may look more like the Arbuckle Hills. However, when you take the exit to Turner Falls Park on to Highway 77, you will quickly be in mountain scenery, unlike the view from the freeway. I'd driven by this exit many a time, heading north, and did not realize there was something to see just a couple miles off the Interstate.

If you have never done mountain driving before the road that leads to Turner Falls Park might make you a bit nervous. It does some twisting and turning as it descends to the park entry.

Turner Falls Park is not a state or federal park. It is owned and operated by the city of Davis, Oklahoma. There is an entry fee of $9.99 per person 13 and older, kids 6-12 and seniors over 62 get in for $6.00. The entry fees are reduced in winter. Go here for more fee details.

There is plenty to do in Turner Falls Park. Caves to spelunk in, trails to hike, a castle to explore, swimming holes to swim in crystal clear water, due to the Honey Creek aquifer that is the source of the water that flows over Turner Falls. There are campsites and cabins for rent. And several vendors selling a variety of goods, including food.

Go here for more info and pictures of Turner Falls Park.

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Lara and I have definitely decided on this spot in August. Thanks so much for the recommendation!