Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moab Mountain Biking: Slickrock Trail Map & Video

The past few days ago I've blogged about a Roadtrip that brought me to to the Mountain Bike Capital of the World, Moab to bike some of the world's most well-known trails, like the Slickrock Trail and the Porcupine Rim Trail. And lesser known, like the Gemini Bridges Trail.

Above is a good map of the Slickrock Trail.

Blogging about those trails brought a question from Mister Twister that had me seeking YouTube videos of the trails in the Moab zone that I had mountain biked.

I found a very good, very recent one of the Slickrock Trail. It's sort of long, 6 minutes, but in it you will clearly see why this is considered by many to be the world's most popular mountain bike trail.

In the video you'll see the white dashes that mark the route, you'll see how the intersecting trails are marked, you'll see the start of the trail from the parking lot and you'll see a lot of examples of various mountain bikers covering the amazing terrain that makes the Slickrock Trail such a challenge and such a draw to so many two-wheelers.


cd0103 said...

That video makes me queasy just watching it. Looks like fun, but I have a paralyzing fear of falling. Those drops offs? I would have to crawl back to the parking lot.

Durango Roadtripping said...

Trust me, it's easy. A grandma could manage it. A grandma in the best shape of any granny in the world.