Monday, June 1, 2009

Moab Mountain Biking: Porcupine Rim Trail Video

A couple days ago I blogged about a Roadtrip that brought me to to the Mountain Bike Capital of the World, Moab to bike some of the world's most well-known trails, like the Slickrock Trail and the Porcupine Rim Trail. And lesser known, like the Gemini Bridges Trail.

I rode those trails only a few years after I started mountain biking. I had not biked trails this challenging before.

This morning Twister commented on me riding the Porcupine Rim Trail, saying, "Sounds like a lot of fun...if you're a masochist and you have a death wish!"

Looking back on it, I can now see there is some truth in what Twister says.

Twister is new to mountain biking. He asked me how the Sansom Park Trail in Fort Worth compares to the Slickrock Trail in terms of difficulty, because the Sansom Park Trail about does him in. When I replied to Twister's comment I had not remembered that parts of the Porcupine Rim Trail are similar to Sansom Park. As in rocky. I remembered this after watching the YouTube video below. Watch it and you'll see why riding this had me exhausted.


twister said...

I'm thinking about getting a road bike for increasing fitness, endurance and plain enjoyment. I think riding on-road will be a more gentle way of improving health and endurance. When I show improvement fitness wise I'll be better able to incorporate mountain biking into my resume. Because (imo) mountain biking is much more strenuous activity.

Durango Roadtripping said...

My worst bike wrecks were on road bikes, likely due to the fact that you can go so much faster than a mountain bike and due to be a bit less stable due to those skinny tires. I think a road bike would be fun on the Trinity Trails & River Legacy paved trails. I don't like biking on an actual road sharing space with motorized vehicles.