Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hell Houseboat: A Lake Powell Houseboat Adventure With Bobcats & Bats

Yesterday going through my archive files I came upon five webpages I made of a Lake Powell Houseboat Roadtrip, which took place over 20 years ago.

The five webpages tell the tale of a four day sail on the waters of Utah's Lake Powell, in October of 1994.

The Hell Houseboat web tale was made back when the concept of broadband internet had not yet been invented, and so images were kept small. On the Hell Houseboat webpages the small images are thumbnails, which when clicked on, open up larger versions of the images.

Hell Houseboat, a Lake Powell Houseboat Adventure, begins with the Bullfrog Basin Launch, heading to Bobcat Cove, visiting Rainbow Bridge the next day, followed by scary Skull Cove with treacherous cliffs, ending at Bloody Bat Cove where we were swarmed by bats when the sun went down for the night.

The houseboats of the type our group floated on have long since been retired, replaced by upgraded houseboats, most of which come equipped with TVs. I do not like the idea that the peaceful solitude of a Lake Powell Houseboat Float could now be intruded upon by a blaring TV.

I recollect being appalled on my second Lake Powell Houseboat Adventure, which took place in October of 1998, that TVs had been added to the pre-boarding lodging at Bullfrog Basin.

The addition of TVs must be the reason I have not been on a Lake Powell Houseboat at any time this century....

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