Thursday, June 17, 2010

Death Valley Badwater & Zabriskie Point

You are looking at my nephews in Death Valley. That is Joey pointing at his brother, Jason, at Zabriskie Point.

My nephews took me to Las Vegas prior to me moving from Washington to Texas.

The nephews were lounging next to the Excalibur pool when I read that that particular August day there was a good chance that the temperature record for Death Valley might be broken. That record is 134 degrees at Furnace Creek.

The nephews were on board with trying to experience a record breaking temperature. Sadly, it was not to be. If I remember right the high turned out to be 126.

Our route to Death Valley, from Las Vegas, was via Pahrump, location of a legal brothel or two. The nephews saw a billboard referencing those type establishments. I don't remember how hard they lobbied to visit one. I do remember I firmly said NO.

By the time we made it to 282 feet below sea level, at Badwater, it was HOT. Really HOT.

From Badwater we continued on to Zabriskie Point. We had our swimming suits with us. I tried to convince the nephews that a swim at Stovepipe Wells' pool would be a really good thing. But, they preferred continuing with our Roadtrip tour of Death Valley.

Eventually we made it back to Las Vegas to a really good buffet at the Monte Carlo Casino.

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