Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Roadtripping 49 States In 9 Days

That guy in the picture is named Dave Schaub. Dave is standing by his 1932 Ford Roadster. Dave is Roadtripping to 49 states in 9 days to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.

You can help the cause and track Dave's progress, as he drives across America, by going to the "Drivin' For The Kids 49IN9" website.

What Dave is attempting to do is a Roadtrip that has never been done before. Driving through all 49 of the continental United States. That would mean every state, but Hawaii. I really do not see how this can be done. All the lower 48 states, plus Alaska, in 9 days?

That is approximately 9,800 miles in 216 hours. In a vehicle built in 1932. Dave has done some modifications to his Roadster to ready it for this monster Roadtrip. He put in a bigger fuel tank and moved the fuel input location to make fill-ups quicker. And he has added cruise control.

Well, I hope Dave successfully makes it to all 49 in 9. Sounds fun to me.

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